What To Expect

It is not necessary for the home owner to be home for an inspection. Home owners should expect to be on-site for leak-related and repair evaluations.

In most cases it will take the crew 2 to 3 days to complete a re-roofed shingled home, 4 days for re-tiling a home and 2 days for a Flat roof home. The size of your roof and the weather must also be taken into consideration.

All vehicles will need to be moved out of the drive way to position the dumpster for the tear off. A dumpster is usually not required for minor repairs.

The dumpster will be on site for the length of the job (2 to 3 days). 

We will need clear access to your yard. Please leave gates unlocked.

We start as early as 6:30 am. Start time is determined by season, as well as neighborhood and local restrictions.

Keep pets inside the home for safety.

Expect loud noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

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 How often should I get my roof inspected?

We recommend having a roof inspection every two years for your normal maintenance needs.

 Is it important to have regular maintenance on my roof?

The failure to find and correct minor roof deterioration in the earliest stages is probably the greatest cause of premature roof problems.

 Why is my roof leaking?

Most common reasons a roof leaks are missing roofing materials that divert water (these are called flashings), cracks in seals and around penetrations and improperly installed roof. If your roof is leaking, call us to diagnose the problem.

 How bad is a minor leak? What should I do?

A leak is never minor! Leaks cause mold, mildew, rotten wood, damaged drywall, and possibly personal possessions. Mold can cause respiratory infections. It can be especially detrimental to children and pets. Addressing the leak as soon as you notice it will prevent damage to your home and health. We respond immediately to leaks so give us a call!

 What do I do if a storm damages my roof?

A quick response is recommended to reduce any further damage to your home. If insurance covers storm damage, call your insurance company as soon as possible.

 Should I coat my shingle roof?

No, shingles are not made to coat. It will cause problems in the future. When a shingle is coated, it allows pockets to form so water will penetrate below the shingles.

 What does the inspection and estimate process entail?

We will do a full inspection and an assessment of your roof. We will give you a detailed explanation of your estimate including what is needed and why. Within one or two days you will a proposal of the work to be done.

 What type of warranty do you offer?

Different materials have different manufacturer warranties. They range anywhere from 20 years to lifetime. Ask your representative for details about the product that you are purchasing.